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SRO Evaluation!

March 29, 2010

1. Go to window 19 and ask for your medical result and submit the following documents.

Please submit the following !!!=)

Medical Processing

March 27, 2010

1. Get a medical referral first from SRO-GAMCA

2. Go to the clinic Please bring the referral.

3. pay the fees

4. Keep the claim stub.

5. Medical results will be released after 3-5 days working days (depending on the agency’s protocol.)

Some agencies will require the applicants to repeat some tests. Prepare extra money!

6. You will claim the result in POEA!

Authentication of TOR/Diploma in CHED.

March 27, 2010

Authentication of TOR/Diploma in CHED.

1. Verify first your university procedure regarding this. Some universities have different protocals regarding this.

2. If you university approved you to bring the documents personally in CHED follow this steps.

3. Go to CHED :

CHED 2nd Floor CP Garcia Avenue, UP Diliman Quezon City.

4. Bring your original and certified true copy of your TOR/Diploma

( certified true copy should be in dry sealed from your university)

5. Pay the fees.

6. Claim the documents in DFA!


medyo matagal ang processing sa CHED.=(

Authentication of COE for SRO-POEA nurses

March 27, 2010

Authentication of COE:

1. Go to Manila City Hall.

2. Bring your original and xerox copy of you COE.

3. notarized it inside the manila city hall.

4. Go to 4th floor room 401.

5. pay fees

6. they will ask you to return after 3 days and pls. keep your claim stab.

7. Claiming the authenticated documents: go to window 400.

8. Bring the authenticated document in DFA.

Authentication of TOR/Diploma in PRC

March 23, 2010

FOR PRC Authentication:

1. Please bring the original copy of your board certification.

2. Ask for the form (pink form at the entrance counter)

3. Metered stamp (21 pesos per document)

4. Go to the cashier and pay the amount (75 pesos per document.)

5. Go to window 16.

6. They will give you the claim stub and you will claim the document in the DFA>

SRO Exam and Interview

March 19, 2010

So, I had my exam and interview sa SRO yesterday. I reached the office at 7:30am and to my suprised grabeh na ang pila as in nandon na ako sa dulo! Pero mga 8:30 nagpapasok na sila. Kaya bring your id kasi kailangan may visitor’s pass kayo! iiwan nyo ang id sa lobby.

Pag akyat ko sa taas another pila ulit. first yung kukunin ang folder sa loob. Pila yon pero alphabetically arrange sya kaya di kayo malilito. Tapos pumirma kami sa parang attendance sheet at bingyan kami ng form for interview na doon isusulat ng mag interview ang evaluation nya sa iyo. Tapos another pila na naman for the encoding ng informations pero mabilis lang naman. Right after that, mag exam na kayo.

50 items ang exam, ibat ibang set ang binibigay. Basic and general nursing lang ang coverage nya. After ng exam namin, binigay na agad ang result since natapos ako agad, na check agad ang paper ko at nakasama ako sa first batch for interview.

Doon ako napunta sa arabianang girl, sabi nila intimidating daw pero di naman kasi mukha naman syang mabait she asked me personal questions first kung ilang years na ako nag wowork, saan, at anong area. then after that she asked me situational cases sa work. Sobrnag dami kasi ang natanong nya sa akin dahil 3 years na ang experience ko sa ER. Pero don’t you guys worry kayang kaya nyo sagutin basta confident kayo. at presence of mind!

Right after the interview nakalimutan ko lahat ng sinabi ko at sinabi ng nag interview sa akin she smiled at me at mag wait daw ako sa counter for the result. Tapos yon tinawag ang name ko pinapasok kami sa lobby at yon binigyan na kami ng letter of appointment at yung slip for medical referral! Nandon na kasi yung GAMCA mismo sa SRO kaya di na kami pumunta pa ng GAMCA kaso na delay ang printing ng referral dahil naglka brown out sa GAMCA. So far ito pa lang yung experience ko!

Kanina pala, pumunta ako ng POEA for briefing lang! for medical na kasi ako sa monday yon po pa lang ma e shashare ko if you have questions just ask..=) leave me a comment. para masagot ko agad..=)

Things to bring in KSA

March 16, 2010

To all my kababayans out there!I wanted to share a list of important things to bring in Saudi Arabia:

In my case, our employer provided us with one pillow, one pillow case, one bedsheet and one pillow. free accomodation, free water, free electricity pero we don’t have an internet connection kaya nagpa gamit kami. Sympre kami ang nagbabayad nun every month. Hati hati kami ng mga kasama ko sa hospital na gumagamit ng internet.

When we came to KSA our employer gave us 200 riyals (salary deduction yon) to buy stuffs that we will need. In my case, I bought some toiletries.

Things I bring in KSA,

1. Toileties  (shampoo, soap, conditioner, lotion,, sanitary pads) РNagdala ako nito para just in case hindi kami bgyan ng budget atleast meron ako.

2. Crackers, cookies, skyflakes, bottled water – na delay kasi ang flight ko kaya just in case ma delayed ang flight nyo at nagutom kayo meron kayong makakain kasi medyo mahal ang bilihin sa airport

3. Jacket – Malamig sa airplane at minsan pag na delay ang employer nyo sa pag pick up sa inyo sa airport mag stay kayo at matulog sa waiting area ng airport.

4. books – kung nurse k,a med tech, etc. dala ka ng reference book just to prepared yourself sa mga interviews or questions ng mga tao sa inyo.

5. Tarha – white tarha yes!!! need ito sa work

6. white shoes/scrub shirts – kasi ang employer one pair lang ng uniform ang binibgay. roaming- medyo mahirap kasi humanap ng sim card don na smart or globe.

8. passport, important documents just in case mag check sila.

9. ballpen /notebook – para during ng orientation nyo ma lista nyo important things.

10. others.. -> fave books, cd nyo, or anything na memorable sa inyo.


Don’t bring a bible, a rosary, or anything that signifies christianity kasi pinagbabawal nila yan. Kung magdadala kayo please itago nyo sa pinakailalaim ng maleta nyo dahil pag nakitaan kayo nyan kulong kayo.!

at please wag kayo mag picture pciture dahil pinagbabawal pa rin nila yan hanggang ngayon. chambahan depende sa police or muttawa…

Blog Update

March 3, 2010

I made a new blog for my daily ramblings. I am getting worried about the SRO. Cause my employer did not give me an NOC. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that they will not ask for my NOC. ! Hay!

My Experience in Working as a Nurse in KSA

March 3, 2010

I worked in KSA for almost two years. I had a lot of good and bad experiences.

I was recruited by our kababayan who used to work in a PRIVATE Hospital somewhere in ASIR region. She/He was working there as a staff nurse/midwife and she recruited us to go along with her. She told us that our employer will shoulder our iqama, insurance and we will not pay anything just a placement fee from the agency. Since, she was a neigbor my parents trusted her and allowed me to go with her.

But things did turn turned out good. We have a lot of salary deductions. Our iqama, insurance, visa, etc. were deducted from our salary It was too bad. I really wanted to go home that time. But, according to our employer, If I want to go home I have to pay them all the expenses the spent in hiring me including the contract.

I have no choice at all but to stay and continue working. I was assigned in different departments and work 9 hours a day for 6 days. Sometimes I have on calls during fridays. Without any incentives or overtime pay.¬† I experienced different kinds of humiliation from the doctors, patients and even my co-workers. They said that I don’t know anything. Cause during that time I only got 1 year of working experience.

I really want to give up but there’s nowhere to go but to take the challenge.

it was a very bad experience that i will never forget in my life.

To be continued….

Working as a Nurse in Saudi Arabia

March 1, 2010

First of all, I would like to thank all you for dropping by here in my little space in the internet.

I received a lot of messages in one of the forums I joined in the web recently from nurses who aspires to work in KSA.

If you are planning to work as a staff nurse in KSA, prepare yourself for a big challenge. Saudi Arabia is a close country, they have double standard laws and restrictions which are different from our culture.

They expect the nurses to wear TARHA and wear a white uniform which is long and not fitted.

credit: Taif healthy city program flickr page

Aside from that, one must be flexible to different work areas. Sometimes, the nurses are being floated from one department to another depending on the number of patients admitted or the number of nurses who work in that area.

There is a zouk day, every month nurses can go out from their accomodation to buy stuffs they will be using for one month. (depends upon the employer’s policy)

Women have no rights no go out alone (not unless they have a written permission or a waraga from their employers). they are usually accompanied by the company’s driver or some of them are being accompanied by a filipino couple.

These are some of the informations I can share with you right now. if you have questions just simply leave me a comment.Thanks