Working as a Nurse in Saudi Arabia

First of all, I would like to thank all you for dropping by here in my little space in the internet.

I received a lot of messages in one of the forums I joined in the web recently from nurses who aspires to work in KSA.

If you are planning to work as a staff nurse in KSA, prepare yourself for a big challenge. Saudi Arabia is a close country, they have double standard laws and restrictions which are different from our culture.

They expect the nurses to wear TARHA and wear a white uniform which is long and not fitted.

credit: Taif healthy city program flickr page

Aside from that, one must be flexible to different work areas. Sometimes, the nurses are being floated from one department to another depending on the number of patients admitted or the number of nurses who work in that area.

There is a zouk day, every month nurses can go out from their accomodation to buy stuffs they will be using for one month. (depends upon the employer’s policy)

Women have no rights no go out alone (not unless they have a written permission or a waraga from their employers). they are usually accompanied by the company’s driver or some of them are being accompanied by a filipino couple.

These are some of the informations I can share with you right now. if you have questions just simply leave me a comment.Thanks



One Response to “Working as a Nurse in Saudi Arabia”

  1. arvi Says:

    can you please share more about you experiences there as a nurse? I am also an aplicant and waiting for my flight schedule…tnx

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