My Experience in Working as a Nurse in KSA

I worked in KSA for almost two years. I had a lot of good and bad experiences.

I was recruited by our kababayan who used to work in a PRIVATE Hospital somewhere in ASIR region. She/He was working there as a staff nurse/midwife and she recruited us to go along with her. She told us that our employer will shoulder our iqama, insurance and we will not pay anything just a placement fee from the agency. Since, she was a neigbor my parents trusted her and allowed me to go with her.

But things did turn turned out good. We have a lot of salary deductions. Our iqama, insurance, visa, etc. were deducted from our salary It was too bad. I really wanted to go home that time. But, according to our employer, If I want to go home I have to pay them all the expenses the spent in hiring me including the contract.

I have no choice at all but to stay and continue working. I was assigned in different departments and work 9 hours a day for 6 days. Sometimes I have on calls during fridays. Without any incentives or overtime pay.  I experienced different kinds of humiliation from the doctors, patients and even my co-workers. They said that I don’t know anything. Cause during that time I only got 1 year of working experience.

I really want to give up but there’s nowhere to go but to take the challenge.

it was a very bad experience that i will never forget in my life.

To be continued….


7 Responses to “My Experience in Working as a Nurse in KSA”

  1. joy Says:

    hello po.. hingi lang po ng sagot sa mga gumugulo sa isip ko..I was a nurse din po bound to Taif, tapos na po lahat ng requirements ko at sabi ng agency wait na lang daw ng pagdating ng employer at sila ang magvivisa so eto, waiting mode nga ako dito sa amin. Isang private hospital po mapupuntahan ko if ever, then sa ICU ako iaassign. Yung uniform po ba talaga ay provided na ng hospital? How about po the white tarha you wore in your picture, is that also provided or we have to buy our own? 1650SR lang po offer sa amin kasama na doon food allowance, since kulang pa po experience ko at sa hirap maghnap ng stable nursing job dito sa atin, tinanggap ko na po yun. Magkano po ba salary niyo noon at magkano binawas lahat2 sa sweldo mo while working in that private hospital? Nagwoworry kasi ako kasi private hospital din yun so baka parehas gawin sa amin.. Wag naman sana..Thanks po sa oras na nilaan mo sa pagbabasa ng posts ko..God Bless.

  2. misslittenurse Says:

    hi, thanks for the comment.. sorry for my delayed reply.. yung uniform yes, nag proprovide sila but just bring extra scrub suits just in case kasi usually one set lang ang pinoprovide ng hospital sa work. about tarha, magdala ka kasi they will not provide you with that. Punta ka sa quiapo madaming tarha na mabibilhan doon. About sa salary naman, My salary before is 1500 riyals. I shouldered my iqama, visa, and other expenses. depende kasi sa contract kung sila ba ang mag shoulder ng iqama mo or ikaw. so, read the contract bago ka mag sign…

    • joy Says:

      yung tarha po ba kailangan white talaga? Kasi po bumili na me sa quiapo ng abaya at may kasama tarha, black po color. May white po bang abaya at tarha? Wala pa po kami pinipirmahang contract, o kahit ano. !500 SR po salary mo noon? so nakakaipon naman po ba kahit basic lang salary? And, delayed po ba sweldo niyo noon o the first month you worked there eh nakasahod ka na po agad? Ayoko din nga sana sa private kaso no choice na talaga. Thanks po sa time answering my queries. God Bless.

      • misslittlenurse Says:

        hi, mag kakaiba ang tarha sa hospital pag nurse ka dapat white ang tarha mo. pag nalabas naman, dapat black or kahit anong color na tarha pero sa work sympre dapat white kasi nurses tayo. about sa nakakaipon makakaipon ka din naman depende sa expenses mo… pag magastos ka sympre di ka makakaipon at saka depende din sa deductions sa employer mo kung magkano or ano ang e dededuct sa inyo.about sa salary, di naman na dedelay ang salary namin nasa time naman minsan pwede ka din mag advance ng sweldo mo depende sa employer mo talaga.actually salary ko 1500 riyals lahat nandon na kasama na food etc.
        free accomodation, water, electricity.. HINDI pala ako yung nasa photo…=)

  3. joy Says:

    So kapag nasa special area po like ICU, yung c=scrub suits na tulad dito sa atin ang sinusuot? O iba din style ng scrubsuits nila? Pwede po ba mga cartoon characters ang designs ng scrubsuits? hehehehe.. Thank You po ng sobra2 sayo..

    • misslittlenurse Says:

      hi, hindi ko kasi alam ang ICU eh kung ano ang suot nila pero para sure ka magdala ka na lang ng plain na scrub suit kasi bihira ako makakita ng may mag designs. kasi saudi arabia medyo conservative pa kasi sila kaya para mas formal yung plain na lang ang dalhin mo. Basta magdala ka ng scrub suit para just in case kailanganin mo may magagamit ka..=) you’re welcome…

  4. Marky Says:

    Hi mslilnurse, isa akung male nurse with limited exps. (4 months of training) tanung ko lng kung tatangapin ku ung offer sakin ng agency ku as an assistant nurse for 2years (Bahrain bound) pwd ku ba yung mgmit as experience or kung skaling magaapply ule aku as a full nurse?? Nagaalangan aku kasi bka masayang lang. Note: govt hospital.

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