Authentication of COE for SRO-POEA nurses

Authentication of COE:

1. Go to Manila City Hall.

2. Bring your original and xerox copy of you COE.

3. notarized it inside the manila city hall.

4. Go to 4th floor room 401.

5. pay fees

6. they will ask you to return after 3 days and pls. keep your claim stab.

7. Claiming the authenticated documents: go to window 400.

8. Bring the authenticated document in DFA.

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3 Responses to “Authentication of COE for SRO-POEA nurses”

  1. carlito Says:

    thanks for this information…i think a lot of people will find this very going to manial city to to authenticate my sisters COE. os i try to searched in the i know what to do..i dont have the original i need to get it.

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